Where are you located and do you travel?

I am located in Portland, Tennessee and HELL YEAH I travel, where are we going + when?

How many images do I get?

I don't put a specific number on it, that's just too hard to stick to but this should help answer that:

Seniors: I have never given less than 45 images to any one senior... It varies on the package you choose.

Weddings: I tend to average about 80-100 images per hour I'm with you, and I can guarantee it won't be less than 700 images on an average 9 hour wedding day. Keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured.

So, how do we pick a location?

Let me know what type of session you are interested in...

For me an orchard, barn, old truck or field describes a country setting best. I would describe these images as whimsical and dreamy. A city/urban session would take place downtown or in the city with tall buildings. This session is revolved around colors and textures. Imagine large buildings, gritty brick and lots of color. I would consider these sessions hip and fun. If you have the perfect location in mind, just let me know... maybe you have a family farm, local building or a park you have chosen. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a favorite spot picked out I have locations that I use and can recommend. We will get the perfect location picked just for you.

How do you deliver my images?

Seniors: As soon as your photos are done being fully edited, I'll upload them to an online gallery that includes the full-res photos for prints and low-res photos to share on social media. You have the ability to print, share, and download from the gallery. Boom!! It's that easy.

Weddings: As soon as your photos are done being fully edited, I will deliver your images on a custom USB and any products you order as soon as they arrive!

Will all of my images you deliver be edited?

Yes! All of the images that I deliver are hand-edited to make sure every image reflects my quality standards.

Can I really download my images?

 Yes! All of my galleries include a download and print release, if you choose to post 'em; I just ask that you tag me + give me a shout out!

For my wedding, do you need a shot list?

I want to know what’s most important to you so I can be hyper-aware, but I do my best to cover all the detail-shots and the little moments that occur on your wedding day, so it’s unlikely I wouldn’t get a shot that would end up on a shot list. With that said, if there are any special requests, I absolutely want to know! I will request family groupings in your questionnaire.